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Get More Organized and Better at Managing Your Blog Using Asana

I'll walk you through how I use Asana to manage my own six-figure blogs. You'll see my live Asana setup. And then your blog will run more effectively so you can focus on growing and earning money.

Using Asana to Manage My Blog Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I started – a site where I teach how to take care of their swimming pools and hot tubs.

I’ve always wanted to run my site like a magazine business and keep a tight editorial calendar. But I always failed.

I’ve tried every single app and plugin in the world to help me manage an editorial calendar, but nothing worked.

But this was during the time I was a lone blogger. Just one guy running a single blog.

It wasn’t until I hired a writer in 2015 that I decided it was time to get serious. I wanted to treat my blog like a business. That meant posts had to be published on a schedule. And I could no longer miss deadlines like an amateur.

I decided to try Asana to run my entire business and EVERYTHING CHANGED!

A Bulletproof Framework to Manage Your Blogging Business in Asana

Now I run three different blogs AND my personal life in Asana with a team of four people: an editor/writer, marketer, graphic designer, and customer service representative.

I live and breathe by Asana and it’s completely changed my business for the better.

This is the course I wish I had back in 2006 when I first started my blog. I would be a lot further along in my blogging career.

Are you struggling to publish blog posts consistently? Do you need your business to be more organized so you can focus on what’s working?

Running my blogs with Asana has allowed me to grow my blogs efficiently.

Today, Swim University sees over 500,000 visitors a month because I was able to publish great content on a regular basis. And now the site earns over $400,000 annually because I was able to focus on what was working.

If You Run Blog, This Course is a No-Brainer!

When I saw Matt's Asana setup, my mind was blown. His system made sense. It saved me hours of frustration. If you want to be organized and get better at managing your blog, Matt's "Asana for Bloggers" is a no brainer.
Jason Moore -

Time to Get Serious About Organizing And Managing Your Blog

Learn how to se Asana to manage your editorial calendar, email marketing, blog comments, post promotion, sponsorships, and more!

Here's What You'll Get in The Course

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What You'll Learn in Asana For Bloggers

Course Introduction and Philosophies
12 mins
The Anatomy of Asana
16 mins
The Anatomy of Asana Projects
20 mins
The Anatomy of Asana Tasks
14 mins
Blog Editorial and Marketing Management
Creating An Editorial Calendar
27 mins
Storing Content Ideas
11 mins
Promoting a Blog Post
7 mins
Creating a Blog Marketing Project
8 mins
Managing Comments and Emails
11 mins
Blog Growth and Revenue Management
Keeping Track of Blog Growth
8 mins
Keeping Track of Blog Revenue
9 mins
Managing Blog Advertising, Sponsorships, or Client Sales (Using Asana as a CRM)
13 mins
Advanced Tactics and Workflows
How to Manage Your Team with a Tutorial Project
14 mins
Using The Asana Email Trick
5 mins
Using Asana for Your Personal Life
6 mins
Using Asana to Build an Online Course
8 mins
Using Asana to Create YouTube Videos
12 mins
Managing a Single Project Start to Finish
9 mins
Bonus Content
Behind The Scenes of Swim University
40 mins
Behind The Scenes of Roasty Coffee
25 mins
Spreadsheets and Templates
Monthly Website Growth Tracking Spreadsheet
Blog Budget Spreadsheet
Profit First Assessment for Blog Revenue Spreadsheet
Editorial Style Guide Example from
Monthly Blog Business Overview Template
Content Tracking Spreadsheet
Become an Affiliate
How to Join The Affiliate Program
How to Get Your Affiliate Link
Classic Lessons
Creating an Editorial Calendar (2016)
25 mins
Managing Comments and Emails (2016)
7 mins
Creating a Blog Marketing Project (2016)
24 mins
Additional Resources for Asana (2016)
2 mins
Keeping Track of Blog Growth and Revenue (2016)
10 mins
Personal and Team Management Tips (2016)
15 mins
Using The Asana Email Hack (2016)
4 mins
Managing Blog Advertising and Sponsorships (2016)
19 mins

Time to Up Your Blogging Game!

Asana for Bloggers changed my blogging life. I'm able to organize every aspect of my editorial calendar, marketing and promotions from Asana, as well as occasionally work with contractors on projects. Learning how to use the calendar view was instrumental in upping my game and now I use it to do all the things. I tell everyone that THIS is the course to get not only to learn how use Asana for blogging, but to run any small business, especially if your business has several projects at once.
Amylee Udell -

Asana For Bloggers

A Scalable Framework to Follow for Managing Your Blog with Asana

Asana for Bloggers completely changed my workflow. Asana isn't difficult to use, but it isn't intuitive, either. Matt's course helps you get past the learning curve and into using Asana right away. The best part is that Asana for Bloggers gives you a scalable framework to follow, so you can use it by yourself or plug in a team as your business grows.
Ryan Guina -

My Name is Matt Giovanisci and I Made This

My Twitter bio says I'm an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. I spent a lot of time crafting that bio.

I run three websites and a software product all making mid six-figures annually.

Since 2006, I created successful online brands including,,,, and

I spend most of my social time on Twitter. Hit me up there!

I'm an Official Asana Ambassador

That means, I took a course on using Asana and passed the tests. But really, as someone who uses Asana for literally EVERYTHING, I can now officially say that I'm part of the Asana Ambassador program and made a declaration to help everyone who wants to use Asana to run their online business or blog.

For Digital Entrepreneurs or Content Creators

When I first started to use Asana, I knew I wanted to get it right and make the most of its features. I love planning, being organized and having room for flexibility - but I didn't know how best to use Asana for this in my business.

Asana For Bloggers was exactly what I needed to get myself set up, started and confidently using Asana in ways that I would not have been able to figure out on my own. In fact, I'm looking forward to going through and absorbing the content again, so I can take it to the next level soon.

I recommend Asana For Bloggers to any digital entrepreneur or content creator who wants to feel organized, supported and prepared in the venture.

Naomi Arnold -

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the course, or you simply change your mind within 30 days of registration, you may request a full refund, provided you haven't accessed more than 30% of the course (not counting any publicly available portions, or anything included in the Welcome module).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m a complete noob?

I specifically developed this course for both newbies and veteran bloggers. And it’s also designed to help you even if you already started using Asana to run your blog or not.

What if I haven’t started my blog yet?

Truthfully, this is not the right time to buy Asana For Bloggers. I would at least get your blog up and running with a few posts before investing in this course. This course will be REALLY helpful if you have a blog to actively manage. Blogs can get very unorganized quickly and this course will help you run a tight ship going forward.

What if I’ve been blogging for a year or more?

Then this course is PERFECT for you. Especially if you feel unorganized with your blog. I didn’t start using Asana until 7 years after I started my blog. And it completely changed the game for me. In fact, I started to treat my blog more like a business. And we started publishing more consistently and on a flawless schedule.

What if I don’t have a team working on my blog?

I designed this course to educate both one-person blogs and large teams. Personally, I run the Money Lab blog by myself. I’m a team of one. But for my other blogs, they have a few people on the team to help. So I need both setups. This course covers both.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?

Nope. Unless you want to. This course covers both the free and paid versions of Asana. So it’s totally up to you if you want to upgrade to a paid version of Asana, but you don’t have to. Everything in this course can be done with free tools.

Can I find this information for free online?

Not from me. I only share my full Asana frameworks in this course. I don’t have any of it on my website for free. And good luck finding quality frameworks to follow in Asana when it comes to running a blog. The reason I created this course in the first place is that I had such a hard time finding free information. I was forced to develop my own frameworks over time. And now I’m sharing them with you.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

Heck no. In fact, take as much time as you want to complete the course. However, the faster you complete it, the sooner your blog will be organized and the more content you’ll be able to crank out quickly. You’ve got an online business to run. Time is money!

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. You bought the course and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever. This is NOT a membership or subscription course.

What if I think this course sucks? Can I get my money back?

Yes, but I would feel sad. I worked hard on it. Are you sure you think it sucks? Maybe you're just hungry? After you get something to eat, and you still think it sucks, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. I don’t want any bad blood between us. But if you do ask for a refund, I would love to know why so I can improve the course for future students.

What format is the course delivered in?

It’s a video course hosted by Podia that requires you to log in and stream the videos. The course may also include downloadable PDFs, Spreadsheets, Templates, articles (written content), and more.

Is my credit card secure?

Hell yes, grandpa! I’ve partnered with Podia, Stripe, and PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, 256-bit encryption. In laymen’s terms: your credit card is secure AF. And to be honest, your credit card data is safer making an online purchase through our secure site (SSL) than buying gas or eating at a restaurant. Feel better?

The System That I Needed To Run My Blog With Asana

I needed a new system to manage my growing website. With managing freelancers, a content calendar, and business, nothing was working... Until I found Asana for Bloggers. Matt's course and system was exactly what I needed. A great tool, a series of quick and easy lessons to set everything up, and easy templates to follow. I rank this course as one of the best investments I've made in my business in the last 5 years.
Robert Farrington -

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