An Introduction to SEO

Course Disclaimer: everything in this course is how I personally practice SEO after studying every trick in the book for over 10 years.

  • SEO vs SEM: Search Engine Marketing is all things to position a website to rank, including Search Engine Optimization.
  • On-Page SEO: Site HTML, Page Speed, Post Titles, Article Formatting
  • Off-Page SEO: Social Media, Getting Backlinks, Content Not On Your Site
  • SERP: Search Engine Results Page
  • Indexing: When Google adds your page to their database for searching.
  • Keyword: a word that people type into the Google search bar that wanna rank for.
  • Backlinks: links from another site that direct visitors back to your site.
  • Referral Links: a link outside the crawlable web, like in an email or from Facebook.
  • Outbound Links: links on your site that take your visitors to another site. AKA external linking
  • Inbound Links: links on your site that take visitors to another page also on your site. AKA internal linking.
  • Anchor text: the word that is hyperlinked in your post or page. It doesn’t have to be the exact keyword. Google is smart.

Course Outline

  1. An Introduction to SEO (the video above)
  2. The Must-Have SEO Plugins and Software
  3. The Perfect SEO Site Structure
  4. Keyword Research and Competition Research
  5. How to Research and Make Content That Ranks
  6. How to Format and Optimize Content That Ranks
  7. Link Building and Off-Page SEO Strategies
  8. How to Track Your SEO Growth
  9. Optimizing Existing Posts with Google Search Console
  10. How to Perform a Content Audit
  11. Checking for Broken Links and 404 Pages
  12. How to Perform a Sitewide SEO Audit
  13. An SEO Checklist Sorted By Priority and Simplicity
  14. SEO Strategies to Avoid Like All Hell
  15. Additional SEO Resources
  16. BONUS: 10 Years of SEO (Behind The Scenes of
  17. BONUS: 3 Years of SEO (Behind The Scenes of
  18. BONUS: 3 Months of SEO (Behind The Scenes of

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